1.  «Moscow Parking»Website/ Mobile application

  1. your cell phone number as a user name and 
  2. the PIN you received in SMS (read above) as a password;
  • Top up your parking account;
  • Click the PARK button;
  • Click «»to extend parking time;
  • Click «»to terminate parking.

2. SMS to  7757

  • Send SMS to 7757** with a parking lot number*car license plate*number of hours from 1 to 24 (e.g. 1004*А123АА199*3);
  • Send X to extend parking time (e.g. of extending time by 2 hours: X2);
  • Send S or C to terminate earlier and the respective amount of money will be transferred back to your account;
  • Please make sure you received the service confirmation as SMS.

** Please check the service fee with your mobile operator. The procedure for mobile payments is established in accordance with the effective legislation of the Russian Federation and the conditions for the provision of services of this type are determined by the communications service provider of the parking space user (Megafon, MTS, , Beeline, Tele2).

When paying for parking services via an SMS and the Moscow Parking mobile application, you will be subjected to per-minute charges. Thus, in case of early parking termination, money for the unused parking time will remain on your parking account and can be used for further sessions
Please note that minimum chargeable period when using a parking meter payment is 15 minutes (so the parking time can be counted as 15, 30, 45 minutes etc.).
Check the accuracy of the parking lot number when paying via the Moscow Parking application. Please specify the complete license plate number including the region.
  • For successful payment from your mobile account, you need to confirm the respective request for the funds transfer from your mobile operator.
  • A respective parking payment account will be automatically assigned to the user after the first payment. 
  • Parking payment will be debited from the mobile account and transferred to the parking account;
  • Payment is subject to per-minute billing;
  • At an early parking termination, money for the unused parking time will remain in your parking account and can be used for further sessions. You will receive an SMS notification with a proposal to extend parking time 15 minutes prior to the end of the session.

3. Parking meter

  • Select «Parking Payment»;
  • Confirm the parking zone number;
  • Make your payment using your bank card or contactless payment. Parking meters do not accept cash.
It is impossible to return money back to your account in case of early parking session termination via a parking meter.
The parking meter software does not pose any limitations as for the parking time, however the acquirer bank introduced restrictions for funds debiting (withdrawal). You will not be asked to type you PIN if the payment amount is less than 1000 RUR. For instance, to pay for the Parking Zone 3 where the fee is 200 RUR/hour you will be able to pay no more than 5 hours at a time.
Basic bank cards (such as Maestro, Visa Electron) are impossible to use for parking payment via the Parkeon parking meters.
In case of parking card malfunctioning, please contact the Service Center of the Department for Transport and Road Infrastructure Development of Moscow located at Staraya Basmannaya street, 20/1 or 1905 Goda street, 25 (daily from 8AM to 8PM) for check and refund.
You can check parking meter locations on a parking map available on the main page of the website, or in the Moscow Parking mobile application

4. Cash via QIWI terminals
(locations of those can be found on the main page of the website or Visa Qiwi Wallet)

5. Parking payment via the voice service

To use the voice service:

  • To contact the Moscow Transport Service center dial free-of-charge phone number – 3210 or +7 (495) 539-5454;
  • Select the required option from the voice menu (button 1, then 0);
  • Name the parking zone number, required parking session duration and the license plate of your vehicle;
  • The system automatically recognizes words, repeats them back and asks for confirmation to start parking;
  • You can terminate or extend the parking session with a second call or using standard ways: «Moscow Parking» mobile application or SMS texting «C» or «S» to 7757
  • If the provided information was not pronounced clearly and distinctly, the answering machine will ask you to clarify the data.

In case you have not paid for parking with your existing cell phone before or never signed up for the Moscow Parking system, funds will be debited from your cell phone account.

In case you have signed up to the Moscow Parking system and you have a valid parking account, funds will be debited from your parking account respectively. .

Voice Service Payment Offer 


From the cell phone account (Text pay X to 7757 where X is the amount to be credited)

From the user account via:

  • Cell phone account;
  • Bank card;
  • Payment system.

From «Russia Parking» mobile application:

  • Cell phone account; 
  • Bank card.

Via Eleksnet terminals

Via «Evroset» mobile phone stores (check locations on the website)

With cash via QIWI terminals check locations on the website).

From WebMoney via:

  • E-wallet at the user account;
  • WebMoney website;
  • WebMoney mobile application.