Parking with lifting gates

Closed-type planar parking lots (further on, CPPL) are fenced parking lots with a lifting gate entry system. CPPL can be divided into two types based on possible payment options:

Hour fee CPPL

Hourly billing starts from the first second.

The fee is accrued from the moment of taking the parking card or ticket. Incomplete hour of parking is subject to full payment.

Fees and payment methods are listed on the information boards at the entrance to the parking lot.

Entering a CPPL with an hour fee payment:

  • To enter the CPPL you need to drive to the gate point and take a parking card or ticket by pressing a button.
  • The gate opens after the parking card or ticket is received.
  • The received parking card or ticket shall be kept for further payment and exiting the CPPL territory.
  • To exit the parking lot, use the parking card or ticket within 10 minutes after payment.

Parking is free-of-charge for disabled people on special spaces (if vacant). Use the special button at parking gate, do not take the parking card/ticket.

Closed-type planer parking lots (CPPL) are subject to Government Regulation 533 (off-street road network parking) and operate on a fee basis during weekends and bank holidays.

Subscription fee CPPL

Several CPPL’s are on subscription fee. It means you can purchase a 1-month-duration subscription on a certain parking lot. Choose the parking from the list here (right column), buy a subscription and acquire the special parking card at Moscow Transport Service Center, address: 1905 goda street, 25 (next workday).

You can either enter your Troika card number when choosing the parking lot, and the subscription will be recorded on that card. In that case, no visit to the Service Center is required.


Park & Ride lots are located in close proximity to the busiest metro, MCD or MCC stations. They reduce commute time – the driver can park a car and change for public transport. You can use Park & Ride lots for free if you take at least two public transport (metro, MCD or MCC) trips during the day. For other drivers an hourly parking fee from 6AM to 10PM would be 50 RUR and 100 RUR from 10PM to 6PM for the whole time-period.




Entry to the intercepting parking lot is only possible with a parking card that cannot be shared with third parties.

  • To enter a parking lot, press the button at the entry stand and take a parking card or ticket
  • Entry to the parking lot is only possible when the gate is completely lifted
  • After the gate opens, park your car in one of the vacant slots following the traffic signs and marking
  • Save your card or ticket till you leave the parking


  • Take a parking card when entering the parking lot
  • Make two or more trips (first one must be taken from the nearest to the parking lot metro, MCC or MCD station).
  • If you’ve a plastic card: go to the yellow Moscow Metropolitan Information Terminal when exiting the metro. Put your parking card to the yellow circle. Tap the special menu to record your trip on a parking card. Then put your public transport card to the same yellow circle. The put your parking card once again.
  • Go to the parking lot, insert your parking card into the payment terminal to confirm free parking.
Гид по парковкам

If you’ve a cardboard ticket: go directly to the parking lot. Insert your ticket into the parking terminal. Then put your public transport ticket. Take your parking ticket back and insert it into the parking gate, when leaving.

Free parking is only applied if the trips were made from 5:30 AM till 2:00 AM. If you exceeded that interval, parking will no longer be free-of-charge.


In case you are not using metro, you need to pay for you parking according to the set fee.

Time period



For metro passengers only

05:30 - 02:00


After the validation of metro tickets with two or more trips. The first trip should start from the metro station closest to the parking.

Day-time fee

06:00 - 22:00

50 RUR

Hourly rates

Night-time fee

22:00 - 06:00

100 RUR*

For the whole parking period

** 50 RUR per hour for the first two hours, then free of charge at continuous parking.

Parking payment is carried out by means of a payment terminal. Payment is subject for hourly billing starting from the first second. All the rounding is performed upwards to a full hour. A driver has 10 minutes to exit the parking after payment

The fine for losing a parking card is 2500 RUR + the cost of an actual parking session.