10.05.2013 11:11:03

Pay for Parking by Cash in QIWI Terminals!

Beginning from October 2013, residents and guests of Moscow can pay for parking in the city center by cash using QIWI Terminals.

To do this, on a terminal's main screen click the Service Payment button then go to the Fines, Duties section and select the Moscow Parking. Fill in the Moscow Parking data fields as necessary: parking zone, parking time and car registration number. In downtown Moscow, there are over 500 QIWI terminals that can be used to pay for the Moscow Parking services.

"Payment for parking by cash is introduced to meet Moscow residents' requests. As of today, QIWI terminals are the first and, so far, the only way to pay for the Moscow Parking services by cash making the parking payment system even more available for all those who need it and providing the users with a handy payment tool in view of their preferences", – commented Maksim Liksutov, Deputy Mayor of Moscow, head of the Moscow Transport Management and Road Infrastructure Development Department.

"Thanks to the cooperation between QIWI, the Moscow Transport Department and the Moscow Information Technologies Department, in a very short time the possibility to pay for parking in Moscow as well as top up parking accounts (http://parking.mos.ru/) has become available in all QIWI services: QIWI terminals, Visa QIWI Wallet web site, and mobile apps for iOS and Android", – commented QIWI Bank vice-president Aleksandr Melikyan.

It should be reminded that paid parking within the Boulevard Ring has been introduced since June 1, 2013. In this time, the project showed some positive results: the number of traffic infractions has decreased by 64%, the number of private cars entering the paid parking zone has become lower by 25%, and the average traffic speed has grown up by 9%.