14.10.2013 11:10:15

Topping-Up Parking Accounts Now Available in Euroset Stores

The Moscow Transport Department announced the start of receiving payments to top-up personal parking accounts by all Euroset stores in Moscow


The account top-up procedure is very simple: you just need to tell the operator your mobile phone number and the payment amount not forgetting to mention what you are paying for. The maximum top-up amount is RUB15,000. The operator's fee is 3.5% of the payment amount. Data on each payment are stored in a single database. Account balance information can be received by sending "И" (i) to the toll-free number 7757 and in the My Profile page at http://parking.mos.ru


"We constantly improve the Moscow Parking Area services and the possibility to top-up parking accounts in Euroset stores is another step to simplifying the payment system. Today, Moscow is the only city with so many ways to pay for parking and top up the parking account", – commented Maksim Liksutov, Deputy Mayor of Moscow, head of the Moscow Transport Management and Road Infrastructure Development Department.


"The practice of collecting payment for parking on city streets to reduce the traffic burden is applied all over the world. Proper organization of parking areas help increase traffic speed, lessen traffic jams, cut down the number of traffic infractions. This project implemented by the Moscow Transport Department contributes to improving Muscovites' driving culture. "Topping-up a parking account is easy in the nearest Euroset store", – says Viktor Lukanin, Euroset vice-president for commerce.


We should also remind you that parking accounts can be topped up by cash through Eleksnet and VisaQiwiWallet terminals, with a special sketch card, from a mobile phone number, with a bank card, various payment gateways, and in Svyaznoy stores.


One of the easiest and most secure ways to pay for parking is by using the Moscow Parking free mobile app (AndroidiOS). The payment is made at one click. Once the use of the parking space is completed, select the "Unpark" option. The parking services are charged on a per-minute basis.