To learn how to obtain your car from a specialized parking station call the free contact center:

8 (495) 539-22-99 (24/7)

From September 15 any person who has violated the parking rules must in addition to a fine pay for the transfer and storage of the vehicle at a specialized parking station*. 
These measures will allow lowering the amount of parking rules violations, improving the efficiency of tow trucks work and will also prevent congestion on the streets and increase their carrying capacity.

ATTENTION! On September 15 new evacuation rates come into effect**: 

Types of vehicles

Rate (rub.)


Cat. B vehicles with an engine capacity of up to 80 horse-power (incl.)

3 000


Cat. B vehicles with an engine capacity more than 80 horse-power and up to 250 horse-power (incl.), except for trucks

5 000

3 .

Cat. B vehicles with an engine capacity more than 250 horse-power, except for trucks

7 000


Cat. D vehicles, except oversized loads

27 000


Oversize loads***

47 000

One day of storage at a specialized parking station (the first 24 hours are free)

Types of vehicles

Rate ( rub .)


Cat. A vehicles



Cat. B  and D vehicles with maximum laden weight up to 3.5 tones

1 000


Cat. D vehicles with maximum laden weight more than 3.5, cat. C vehicles an cat. E vehicles

2 000


Oversize loads

3 000

Don’t forget to take the new evacuation system booklet with you!
Form - payment for storage and moving vehicle

* In accordance with the Resolution № 35dated 09.09.2013;
**  Amount of payment for the transfer of vehicles detained in accordance with Article 27.13 of the Code of Administrative Violations;
*** An oversize load is a vehicle and/or load that is higher than 4.0 m, wider than 2.5 m, the overall length is more than 20.0 m (overhang of load is permitted 2 m if total length does not exceed 20 m) and the weight more than 38 tones.