Ways of paying for Parking

Pay parking the following ways:

NB! If you pay parking via SMS and mobile app Moscow Parking billing is per minute.
So if you stop parking ahead of time,  money for unused parking time will be saved on your parking account and can be used to pay for next parking sessions.
Parking ATM allows you to pay parking  up to 15 minutes

1)    SMS to 7757

  • To pay - with text: number of parking area*license plate* number of hours from 1 to 24 (Example: 1004 * A123AA199 * 3);
  • To extend the parking time - with text X2, where 2 is the number of parking hours (example: extend for 2 hours - X2);
  • To stop parking - with text S or C;
    Money for the unused parking time will return to your parking account
  • Wait for SMS payment confirmation

1. In order to successfully pay for parking via cell phone client must approve the request from your mobile operator to withdraw the necessary sum of money from your parking or cell phone account.
2. After the first payment user automatically gets  his own parking account. Money for parking deducted from the cell phone account and backed up on a parking account. Billing is happening every minute. In case of early completion of parking money for unused parking time saved on your parking account and can be used to pay for next parking sessions.
3. In 15 minutes before the end of the parking lot, you will receive SMS-notification with the proposal to extend parking.

2)    Web-site/Mobile app Moscow Parking

  • Register in the app by sending SMS to 7757 with the text PIN; 
  • Login to your account: username - your cell phone number, password – the code which you have received with the SMS  (see previous item);
  • Fill the parking account;
  • Press "Parking ";
  • To extend parking time click the «»;
  • To stop parking click "Cancel parking lot."

3)    Parking ATM

  • Select "Pay Parking";
  • Enter the License Plate (format:  A000AA199);
  • Confirm the number of parking area;
  • Pay parking

Payment can be made via:

    1. bank card
    2. parking card (denomination: 500, 1 000 rur)

    • To pay - put the card to the validator (wait for a few sec.)
    • Money will withdraw from the card in amount equal to the cost of specified parking time
    • You can check balance of the card via  parking ATM selecting "Balance" in the main menu

Paying parking via parking ATM you can set the parking time up to 15 minutes.
The locations of parking ATM you can see on the parking map on the main page, or in a mobile app Moscow Parking

You can fill parking account the following ways:

1)    Via  cell phone account (send SMS to 7757 with the text payX, where X - the amount of specified deposit in rur)

2)    Via your personal cab on parking.mos.ru:

  • cell phone account;
  • bank card;
  • payment systems.

3)    Via the mobile app «Moscow Parking»:

  • cell phone account;
  • bank card.

4)    Via payment terminals Elecsnet

5)    Scratch Card (Denomination: 300, 500, 1,000, 5,000 rur).

  • Scratch off the protective layer;
  • Send digital code  via SMS without spaces to 7757;
  • Wait for a confirmation SMS about successfully filling your parking account with information about balance of parking account and  instructions how to pay via SMS

To buy monthly or annual parking ticket you should:

1. Download the form

  • form – monthly ticket
  • form – annual ticket

  • 2. Fill out the form (Name, address, car plate);

    3. Pay in any bank;

    4. Send the receipt to usluga@mskampp.ru.

    The parking ticket holder can use city parking spaces daily without payment per each hour from 8 h to 20 h during the chosen period (month or year)