For residents of the paid parking zone

Residents of the zone of the pilot project are entitled to free parking in the streets within the municipal area of residence from 8 pm to 8am every day, 7 days a week.

One permit is issued per apartment.

In order to receive a permit one should have the right of ownership of an apartment, a social tenancy agreement (only for tenants ofproperty) or an agreement of renting business premises in an apartment building (only for tenants).

If the apartment is owned by more than one owner, the applicant must provide a written consent of all owners to obtain a resident permit.

A permit can be issued in two ways:

first: Online registration on In this case you should enter the following data:

  1. Your SNILS number (pension insurance certificate)
  2. Your e-mail address
  3. Your telephone number
second: Application to the multi-purpose center, which requires submission of the following documents:

  1. Application form
  2. Written consent of all owners of premises
  3. Document confirming the right of ownership of the apartment, a social tenancy agreement or an agreement of renting business premises in an apartment building

If a permit is issued for a representative of the owner of property, he/she should also submit their passport and the document proving the representation.

A permit is issued within 6 days.

Participants of the Great Patriotic War or the defense of Moscow, juvenile prisoners of concentration camps, ghettos and the like are entitled to free parking in the whole territory of paid parking, subject to obtaining a resident permit.

Other residents of paid parking zones can purchase an annual parking pass for 3,000 rubles/year, which allows them topark in the streets within the municipal district of residence without the hourly rate.

You can only buy a pass after obtaining a resident parking permit. There are two ways to purchase a resident parking pass:

1. In a bank:

2. By a credit card in ’My Account’ of Moscow state services portal at

A pass is issued within 1 day

Simplified procedure for installing barriers on the local area

In accordance with the Moscow Government Decree № 428-PP dated 02.07.2013 "Concerning the order of installation of fencing on the local area in Moscow" a simplified procedure for the installation of barriers was introduced. If you want to install a barrier to prohibit foreign transport from entry to your yard, please read the following memo.

For the disabled

Drivers with disabilities are entitled to free round-the-clock parking in parking spaces marked with 8.17 “Disabled” and 1.24.3marking, for which they must have a disability parking permit.

All other parking spaces are used according to the standard procedure. A number of parking spaces for the disabled in each parking lot must be at least 10%.

Legal representatives of the disabled (parents, adoptive parents, guardians) are also entitled to free parking at the locations indicated onthe basis of a notarized power of attorney.

To obtain a disability parking permit one must register on the portal of Moscow state and municipal services (functions) or apply to any of the multipurpose centers of public service and submit the following documents:

  1. Application form
  2. Passport (birth certificate for children with disabilities under the age of 14)
  3. Pension insurance certificate of an applicant (SNILS)
  4. If a disabled person is not a Moscow resident and if he/she has never applied to the Department of Social Protection ofPopulation of the city of Moscow, he/she will need to submit a document certifying the right of the disabled for the benefit (acertificate issued by a medical and social board confirming the disability or a record of the certificate of a citizen recognized asdisabled)

If an applicant is a representative of the disabled, he/she must also submit the following:

  1. Passport
  2. Document confirming the representative’s authority.