Parking Places Infrastructure

Information system

 Information panels:

“You are entering a paid parking zone” — at every entrance to the paid parking lot;

“You are leaving a paid parking zone” — at every exit from the paid parking lot.

 Green and white warning signs with the parking lot number, parking rules and regulations, cost and payment instructions

 Parking web portal’ with information about all the parking facilities of the city of Moscow, as well as plans to build new facilities. From the portal you can download a mobile application and create your personal account to manage parking.

System of monitoring the availability of vacant parking spaces

Every driver can get information about the number of parking spaces for a number of major commercial and urban sites on the web portal ’’ and in a mobile application in the ’real-time mode’. This information will allow the driver to quickly choose the nearest parking lot and plan the fastest route.

Automated payment system

You can pay for parking only before the parking session starts as the system works on a prepaid basis. Several automated (non-cash) ways to pay for parking are available.

SMS. To start parking you should send an SMS-command to number 7757: number of the parking lot*car number*number of hours from 1 to 24 (see the ’Instructions for payment’). In order to successfully pay for parking with a mobile phone account you should approve the request from your mobile operator to withdraw funds.

After the first payment the user will automatically receive a parking account. Funds to pay for parking are deducted from a mobile account and backed up on a parking account. Billing is done every minute. In case of early completion of parking the remaining balance is saved in the parking account and can be used to pay for next parking sessions.

If you do not specify the number of hours in the SMS-command before parking starts, duration of parking defaults to 1 hour.

15 minutes before the end of the parking session, you will receive an SMS-notification proposing to extend parking. To extend parking send an SMS to number 7757 with the following text: X number of hours from 1 to 24 (for example, X2 — to extend parking to hours). The extension command is sent before the end of the current parking session.

For early completion of the parking session send an SMS to 7757 with C or S.

Moscow parking website. To pay for parking from the web portal you need to create a personal account (go to My Account) and replenish the parking account. It can be replenished from your mobile phone account using a credit card or the electronic purse. Once you arrive at the parking lot, log into My Account, enter the parking lot number and duration of parking and click “Park”.

To extend parking click “Extend”. For early completion of parking click “Leave.”

Mobile application. The mobile application can be used both by registered and guest users:

• Only basic functions of the application are available to guest users, i.e. viewing the parking map and parking information;

• Registered users have access to the basic functions, and they also can pay for parking sessions in Moscow parking.

To pay for parking via a mobile app you need to login, that is to enter your phone number and PIN. PIN is created by the user during registration. To re-obtain PIN, send an SMS to 7757 with the word ’PIN’, and a new PIN will be sent to you in the SMS-notification.

Pay and Display Bays. You can pay for parking through special pay and display machines which accept credit cards and parking cards (nominal value of 500 or 1000 rubles). In this case, you set the parking time within the accuracy of 15 minutes. If you pay with a parking card, you need to attach it to the validator. Pay and display machines location is specified on the parking map in the main page of the portal.

Ways to replenish the parking account:

1. In ’My Account’:

  • From you mobile phone account;
  • by your bank card;
  • throgh payment systems.

2. Through the mobile application:

  • From you mobile phone account;
  • by your bank card;

3. By a scratch card (send an SMS with the card code without spaces to number 7757).

Violation control system

The following measures are used to monitor the implementation of the parking rules:

1. Automatic violation registering system (VRS) — mobile complexes registering violations. VRS examines the fact of payment for the use of each parking space. In the case of non-payment it automatically creates a document on administrative violation for subsequent discharge of fine and mailing. The system runs several times an hour (at least 1 per 15 minutes). The penalty is issued in the case of non-payment of parking for 15 minutes. Timely payment of parking (immediately after the vehicle is placed in the parking lot) saves you 2.5 thousand rubles of a fine.

2. Parking inspection. Starting on June 1, 2013 the parking inspection will register those violations that VRS cannot register due to some technical issues, for example, if the vehicle plate number is either covered or removed from the vehicle.